Education System

Education and learning

One of the key sources of development in any society is the educated people of that society, education directly or indirectly plays an important role to uplift the society as it gives radical thinking to the people which somewhere varnish the distinction between the upper and the lower class. Distinctions based on wealth, caste, creed, etc., are very fundamental in any society but they are also considered toxic for the development thus educating people of the society becomes even more important for the people. here are several Institutions established like schools and colleges which provide sources for learning and education people. Although, there are several confusions between education and learning, they both are different from each other.

Education vs Learning

The difference between education and learning is that education is a wider term that includes learning as a part of it, on the other hand, learning can be informal and does not necessarily mean reading books or getting educated with degrees.

Comparison Table Between Education and Learning
Parameters of Comparison Education Learning
Definition Process of learning skills for gaining knowledge. Process of gaining new understanding, skills, etc..
Type of process Formal Informal
Source Classroom learning Personal experiences
Barriers Age barriers No barriers 
Possession Acquired specially Present in all individuals