Quality assessment


Assessment is the process of documenting, often times in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs. Assessment plays an important role in the teaching-learning process at all levels of education. Such assessment plays an important and significant part in the future of students; there is no doubt that any assessment system will determine what students learn and the way in which they do this. Hence assessment determines the way in which we teach and what teaching methodologies we use and what innovation we have introduced in the teaching methodologies. But assessment is not just about grading and examinations. It is also about getting to know the students and the quality of their learning and to use this knowledge and understanding for their benefit.

Assessment is without doubt one of the major ''drivers'' of the teaching-learning process. It is thus important for teaching staff to be familiar not only with the technical aspects of the many different forms of assessment currently in use but also with their advantages and limitations and about assessment issues and concerns.

Assessment is an ongoing process of setting high expectations for student learning, measuring progress toward established learning outcomes, and providing a basis for reflection, discussion and feedback to improve University academic programs. It is a systematic and cyclic process that makes expectations and standards explicit and public.