Management policy

Management policy

All administrative data owned by an higher institution, as such, all members of the University community and affiliates are responsible for appropriately using and safeguarding that data. All procedures established to uniform data management standards for Administrative management of the university makes the Management Policy of the institution.

The policy applies:

  1. To all employees whose job responsibilities include inputting, safeguarding, retrieving, or using Administrative Data, and to those who supervise such individuals.
  2. To the University and all of its campuses, schools, colleges, institutes, and administrative and auxiliary units

To all Administrative Data regardless of means or location of storage. Therefore, this policy applies to Source Data Systems and Administrative Data extracted from those Source Data Systems, as well as data stored in any data repository.


  1. In order for the University to effectively manage and safeguard its Administrative Data, procedures must be in place to guide appropriate access to Administrative Data, ensure the security of Administrative Data, and provide a means to address procedural exceptions. It is necessary for all employees who deal with Administrative Data to be trained and informed about data security.
  2. Role definitions of individuals with data responsibilities and of eligible users are necessary to support data integrity and security.
  3. Sharing Administrative Data between academic and/or administrative units within the University should be facilitated where appropriate, subject to appropriate security restrictions as established by each Data Domain Trustee and ratified by the Data Trustees.
  4. Implementation of the policy will reinforce, wherever possible, a uniform set of definitions for commonly consumed data throughout the University (e.g., “enrolled student” should wherever possible have the same meaning throughout the University).
  5. Integration of Administrative Data across the University should be encouraged to foster data accuracy and uniformity, consistent with institutional complexity, various data systems, and differing data formats (e.g., the country codes in student vs. alumni applications). This should result in reduced duplication of data and greater data accuracy.
  6. Administrative Data should be safeguarded to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of personally identified and personally identifiable information.